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tyyp Kthehu Mbrapa
tyyp Adelina Ismaili ft Krenar Krasniqi - Potpuri 2022
tyyp Adelina ft Taulanti - POTPURI 2022
tyyp Adnan Daci ft Pandora - Potpuri (Gezuar 2022 LABIA)
tyyp Afrim Muqiqi ft Greta Koci - Potpuri 2022
tyyp Alandy Ft. Stine - AM DO
tyyp Alban Skenderaj - Spektatore
tyyp Altin Sulku ft. Anila Mimani - Si ta boni Zemra
tyyp B2N ft Emanuel Asllani - Mercedes x Pandemia
tyyp Buraku ft Kaltrina - Nuse me fustane te bardhe
tyyp Buraku ft Taulanti - Prinder sa shume ju du
tyyp Butrint Imeri ft. Don Xhoni - Corazon
tyyp Capital T - NASHTA
tyyp Capital T - PLAN
tyyp Capital T x Mc Kresha - HEKU QAFE
tyyp Dhurata Dora - Criminal
tyyp Diona Fona ft. ZieZie - Fire
tyyp Donjeta Morina - Katile
tyyp Duli ft Fioralba - Potpuri 2022
tyyp ESTTO ft. Skerdi - A ke ti zemer
tyyp Elgit Doda - Ku Je
tyyp Elgit Doda x Romeo Veshaj - Piloti
tyyp Ezo ft Labi ft Edona Hasanaj - Potpuri 2022
tyyp Gazmend Rama ft Edona Hasanaj - Potpuri 2022
tyyp Gena ft. Mimoza Shkodra - Pike ne oqean
tyyp Genc Prelvukaj ft Mimoza Shkodra - Mona Lisa
tyyp Gold AG x Afrim Muqiqi - Kalle Kalle (2022)
tyyp Greta Koci - Spo mle nana
tyyp Hekurani ft Xheza - Qysh me harru
tyyp Hekurani ft. Anita - Zemren ti ma ndale
tyyp Hekurani ft. Vjosa Emini - BOTA IME
tyyp Kaltrina Selimi - Kthema dashnin
tyyp Kaltrina Selimi ft Alban Mehmeti - Potpuri 2022
tyyp Kida - Mo jo
tyyp Labinot Tahiri - Edhe kur te martohesh
tyyp Ledri Vula - Amerikana
tyyp Lindita Selimi ft Shqipri Kelmendi - Potpuri 2022
tyyp Lumi B ft. Lyrical Son x Mc Kresha - MAJE
tyyp Majk x Dafina Zeqiri - Me Fal
tyyp Mc Kresha ft Lyrical Son - Inati
tyyp Mc Kresha ft Lyrical Son ft. Elvana Gjata - Stuhi mbi oqean
tyyp Meda - Dy dashni (Gezuar 2022)
tyyp Merita Latifi - Mos mendo qe vuj hala
tyyp Mimoza Shkodra - Plako
tyyp Mirsa - Zemra ime
tyyp NRG BAND - So normal
tyyp Nesa Omaj - Tallava 2022
tyyp Rovena Stefa ft Durim Malaj - Potpuri 2022
tyyp Sabri Fejzullahu ft Sinan Vllasaliu - Dy Shoke (Gezuar 2022)
tyyp Samanta - Jeta ime
tyyp Sheila Haxhiraj - Me e mira
tyyp Sinan Vllasaliu - Rrena e mashtrime (Gezuar 2022)
tyyp Skerdi ft. Kanita - Xheloze
tyyp Taulant Bajraliu x Andi Bajraliu - Potpuri 2022
tyyp Taulanti ft Buraku - Potpuri 2022
tyyp Tayna - OFG
tyyp Valbona Spahiu ft Taulant Bajraliu - Potpuri 2022
tyyp Xhemile Veselaj - Dashnorja e bossit

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The Music of Albania (Albanian: Muzika Shqiptare) is associated with the country of Albania and Albanian communities. Music has a long tradition in the country and is known for its regional diversity, from the Ghegs in the North to the Tosks in the South. It is an integral part of the national identity, strongly influenced by the country's long and turbulent history, which forced Albanians to protect their culture from their overlords by living in rural and remote mountains.

Diverse Albanian folk music includes monophonic and polyphonic styles, responses, choral, instrumental and vocal music. Each region has a unique musical tradition that reflects its history, language and culture. Polyphonic singing and song forms are primarily found in South Albania, while in the North they are predominantly monophonic. Albanian iso-polyphony has been declared an UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The Gjirokaster National Folklore Festival, held every five years in Gjirokaster, is an important venue exhibiting traditional Albanian music.

Albanian music extends to ancient Illyria and Greece, with influences from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire. It is evident in archeological findings such as arenas, odeons, theatre buildings and amphitheatres, all over Albania. The remains of temples, libraries, sculptures and paintings of ancient dancers, singers and musical instruments, have been found in territories inhabited by the ancient Illyrians and ancient Greeks.
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