Welcome to the best source of Albanian music. When we say best source we man it as here you will find the latest trends and the best of the best songs and videos you could find anywhere else. Albania has great potential singers that made it big in the show biz industry, starting by Rit Ora, Dua Lipa, Era Istrefi and much more. Muzik Shqip will make sure that we will bring you closer to the most talented Albanian singers all around the world. Here you will find the latest vidoes that will be published from well known artists. We also will provide with much more than video music, we also tend to post even humor videos, gossip, entertainment and much more, so stay tuned. Muzik Shqip 2017 it is the year as many Albanian singers will launch their new projects for the upcoming year. Most of them promised that their going to be big hits on music industry. Flori which is a great singer he has in plan to launch his new song on beginning of the upcoming year, Capital T also has made an announcement that he has lots of projects coming on its way. For more updates we will let you know in our upcoming blog posts.

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tyyp Kthehu Mbrapa
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